I’ve Been Lazy.

Hey friends,

I have been lazy. Yes. Lazy.

I am going to admit I have recently had a hard time finding motivation.

Trying to express myself and my travels has been a struggle. I try to ask myself why do people even care in what I have to post? Is it worth it? How do I even go about it?

 After I get home from working all day all I want to do is…


I am making an early 2017 New Years resolution to myself.

So here it goes.

I will be working more on building out FreckledPizza.

I am doing this for myself because

I like it.

Traveling is one of the best things I have ever invested my time, money, and energy into. It is by far one of the most rewarding things to my life.

So, why can’t I take an extra couple hours out of my week to work on what makes me happy?

Yes, traveling full time is what would really make me happy but realistically I can’t

So, when I am not traveling I’ll be doing the second thing that makes me happy.

Sharing my adventures. (and ranting on Youtube about random shit.)

Stay tuned you beautiful people.


Post Grad Realizations.

Post Grad Life.
You just got to go with it.

Here is my sappy bullshit attempt of sharing my personal experiences and advice of post grad life.

So first thing.


Whatever you’re doing make sure you’re happy.

Yes, sappy.

But true.

I know working full time and having you’re college days tap out is shit.

But guess what?

It’s life. I have had a hard time accepting that yes, I did in fact graduate and I am no longer in college. Trust me I cried.

A lot.

So a lot of tears, a couple handles and maybe a pizza…. or eight later I am learning this thing called copeing.

And I am not sure if it is a problem knowing I have had a harder time getting over graduating than any ex boyfriend…

Well shit. Sounds like a personal problem.

Who knows.

So, my overall point of this ramble is, what the hell do you do with your life?

Not so much.

But, I can reassure you that you are not the only one thinking it.

Ever since I’ve adulted, this is what I have learned:

1. Family. One of the most important things in your life
Yes, they are annoying. But, they love you dammit.

2. Friends. You’re support system who understands you on a different level than you’re family. Let’s be real, you won’t be telling your family about last night’s hook up. Sorry Mom & Dad if you’re reading this.

But not really.

Once you graduate college you chose who you want to have in your life. This time has shown me who I want to make the effort for. You know who you are.

3. Location. Probably one of the most dreaded things that you actually have to think about. Where do I work? Where do I want to live?
Writing this right now makes me a little nauseous.
But, if you look at it in a positive way you are a free little bird.

Take advantage. Similar to if a guy is willing to buy you a drink at a bar. You take advantage.

It’s called survival.

4. Career. By far something that has caused me enough stress eating to last me a couple months.

You apply for a job that you like and just like that you’re employed. Magic.

Except for not.

I hate to be that buzz kill.
You have to accept that this time in your life won’t be as ideal as you imagined. You have to start from the bottom and put the best you’ve got into what you want.
I am not going to lie to you.

I didn’t really like my first job, but I have learned that being down about it only brings you…well let’s just say it’s not up.

So keep on putting yourself out there and what you truly work for will eventually come.

Trust me.

5. Relationships. If you are not stable, somewhat like myself, commitment isn’t a thing.
This is the time in your life to be selfish.

Yes, Selfish.

I hate to get personal and shit but here’s my love life summed up:

Single. Broke. Foodie (Free food in particular). Judge me.

But a wise person once said,

“Getting married in your early 20’s is like leaving a party at 9:15pm.”

I think I want to be friends with the person who said that.

Now let’s connect the dots.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experiences so far is life is too short.

Cliché? Yes.

But don’t let yourself live a life if you’re not happy. Change it and don’t look back.

Essentially, surround yourself by people you like. Screw the ones who bring you down.
Aint nobody got time for negative bullshit & dream killas.

And please don’t read this and think my life is perfect and that I’ve got it all figured out.

I dont.

Enjoy your life everyday.

I am not saying its easy by all means, but it helps.

End of rant.

New York Fashion Week

One of the most talked about events in NYC.12041956_10153566720437638_1788306979_n

So my non trendy self-decided to give it a shot.

I was invited to the Cosmopolitan Emerging Designers Fashion Show.

Say WHAT!? The FreckledPizza on the blogging prowl.

Not going to lie, I had no idea what to except.

Once I arrived the venue was beautiful!

A rooftop located in Chelsea.

Sunset views of the Hudson, TriBeCa, and the Empire State Building is not a bad gig.


To top it off there was champagne…lots and lots of champagne.

All you really need is a rooftop view and champagne.

Not an alcoholic.






10514878_10153566720842638_1766585979_nMy friend and I frolicked around trying to make ourselves blend with the NY fashion cut throat trendsetters.

We took pics.12033340_10153566720972638_1680256131_n

We ate food.

We drank.

We drank some more.

Still not an alcoholic.

We people watched.


Slightly creepy.

And Drum role please……………….



What? How? Why?

I’m not sure.  11998146_10153566720907638_7138615_n

But I felt like a little middle school girl again who was about to approach her crush for the first time.12042109_10153566721027638_163213323_n

It went somewhat like this.

Hey are you Rachel Martino?

Yes, I am.

I follow your blog and YouTube channel, I love it!

I also managed to introduce myself as part Katherine Dwyer and FreckledPizza

Who do I think I am?

Bla bla bla me ranting like an obsessive psycho

A little more.

And after chatting for a little bit she managed to inspire me even more!

She also mentioned how she likes my freckles and has seen some of FreckledPizza’s comments online.


10 points for FreckledPizza.

Go follow rachmartino and check out her blog!

She’s a great lady.




P.S. Im not a lesbo. I like boys.

Key word “boys” because that’s all they will ever be.

So the correct term for that would be…

Forever alone.








Overall, I channeled my inner wannabe blogger.12047785_10153566721022638_99414802_n

Yes, I’ve accepted it.



But I like blogging/youtubing/ whatever you want to call it.

Or at least my attempt.

So my inspirational role model and oh so wise Dori would like to say- “Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.”

So I’m going to keep on keeping on.

Because, you would be surprised how hard it is to find a pool in NYC.

Long story short.

“Do stuff you like” –wise words from myself.


AND YouTube


Youtube Channel Coming in Hot!

I have BIG news

I have decided that in addition to my Blog account, I started my own Youtube Channel!

Ya, I am really committing to this whole blogging thing.

So instead of rambling I am just going to post the link to my first video.

Check it out!


Let me know what you think.

Maybe give me some ideas on what kind of videos you want to be seeing, because I can promise you now they are going to be all sorts of random.

FreckledPizza takeover!

Brace yourselves people.


Blair Waldorf’s Level

One of the greatest things about living in NY is your friends want to visit you. Or they use you as an excuse to come to NY. Who knows?

I would use me too.

One of my oldest friends Gracie Brown took a spontaneous trip to see me. When you don’t see a friend for about 6 years and you pick back up like you saw each other yesterday, that’s when you know.

Friends fo lyfe.

11805961_10153414921302638_2096205216_n           11815833_10153414921297638_635833828_n



So11830851_10153414921337638_1261289249_n what better way to show her the city than a rooftop bar?

Yes! More excuses to day drink.

We dressed the part just to make sure we were up to the bouncer’s standards. This meaning anywhere from a bimbo to total bimbo. Our inner white girls strived for the more class side of things.

Good news. We got into the bar and weren’t half naked.

Thank you big large suited bouncer man. You’re future daughter would be proud.


Overall, coming to this rooftop was a great decision. My friend got to see awesome views of the city.

She was thoroughly impressed.




Due to the excessive amounts of humidity and heat the rooftop experience lasted for maybe a hot minute.

Only to find ourselves in the indoor bar right beneath it.





Air conditioning, alcohol, and city views.

Win. Win. Win.






Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here. Spotted: Drink in hand, Katherine Dwyer mingling with stranger…hm, why so thirsty Katherine?

Xoxo not so gossip girl


Meet Ben

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve moved to New York.

It feels like yesterday I was living in my dream world back at school with my favorite people but that’s ok. I had to get a job. Not bitter or anything.

So, in these 2 months I have experienced probably 5x as much weird stuff than I did in the past 4 years living in FL. This is saying a lot because my campus was located in Lakeland, FL.

Ya, there’s a reason why you don’t really hear about Lakeland.

It gets weird.

Friday at the office happens and it was slower than usual. Most of my team was OOF so I decided to adventure during lunch.

You know, since I plop myself at a desk all day it was my sad excuse to tell myself I was somewhat physical that day.

So during this frolic session I roughly covered about 20 blocks. Ha! Am I skinny yet?

My office is located in TribeCa where there are a bunch of trendy cafes and stores I was able to pass by.

I was passing this one restaurant, took a double glance and saw this huge COCK…



                      So here’s what happened.


This really nice old lady took her cockatoo Ben out for lunch. Super casual.

This parrot was being hand fed with a silver spoon.

Oh the things I would do to be hand fed by a silver spoon. Preferably naked. More life goals.

Easy, breezy, beautiful and FULL.

Even better, she asked me if I wanted to hold him!

Shit ya I want to hold your bird, woman!

Day officially made.

So my conclusion from this story is there’s hope for the future. Instead of being a crazy cat lady I will strive for the crazy parrot lady.11798178_10153404058227638_657073949_n

If I had it my way dolphins would be the go to, but being realistic puts a small damper on that dream.

So there you have it.

Go buy a Parrot.


Urban Mudder

New to a city and no friends. My life in a sentence.

Sad reality.

I have been getting advice from people on how I need to just put myself out there no matter how uncomfortable I may feel. So, I received an email from the boss man. “Hey! Our company is joining with Bloomberg to have a team participate in the Urban Mudder and there are 5 spots available.”

This was the time to “put myself out there” and without really thinking about it I responded to the email saying, “Hey, pick me! Maybe?”

No joke, 2 minutes later he responds saying, “You’re on the list. Good luck!”

I’d like to blame my oh so kind friend Barrett for giving me this advice cause if she didn’t I wouldn’t have made the rash decision of signing myself up for this madness. It happened so fast I didn’t really know what the heck I even just signed up for.

So YouTube happened.


If anyone didn’t know, Urban Mudder is the Tough Mudder’s cousin. Meaning, you will struggle. You have to sign a waiver, proving my point about the struggle part.

As I was watching the YouTube video all I could do at this point was just laugh to myself. Picture the roundest teletubbie, maybe the purple one, frolicking itself over these absurd obstacles.

This teletubbie is me.

Now why would you sign up for something like this when you have had zero physical activity in the past 3 months?

You don’t.

THE BIG DAY 11793418_10153396337252638_357254850_n

Well, now that I have taken a step towards maturity and committed to something there was no turning back.

And before I knew, it 7:30 am on a Saturday morning came around real quick.

Really thrilling and crucial part to the story. I Katherine Dwyer like to sleep and now that I am living in this “adult” world I only get maybe 2 days to sleep in and 1 day to go out. So, if you do the math this means I only get to one day to sleep in, which has the potential for disaster.

Yes, I am dramatic.


Now, fast forward through New York public transportation system from hell and I finally arrived at the course.

I then met my team who were all complete strangers. It only got more awkward when they had to forcefully hurdle my lard teletubbie self over the different obstacles.

Let me tell you, we became friends real fast.

During the long stretches of running between each obstacle, some of the guys on my team were trying to make small talk. I could barely run as it was let alone keep my cool and have a casual “life talk.” But, since I needed to “put myself out there” I attempted to communicate with these people between each gasp for air.

Clearly, they were in a lot better shape than me.

To put it in perspective, one guy on my team qualified for the World’s Toughest Mudder, which is 24 hours long. No big deal.

When it came down to the obstacles I seemed to have made it through for the most part, which is a plus.11802007_10153396337292638_1604915565_n

To be honest, the one thing getting me through was knowing I had a free beer waiting for me at the finish line.

Not an alcoholic.

You’re welcome Mom & Dad.

So 5 miles later and god knows how many obstacles I finally made it, beer in hand.

Overall, I’m glad I signed up. I actually ended up running in to two of the people from my team on Monday.

So there you have it, sore body and potential friendships.

Mission complete.


Giddy Up

When you get invited to a horse race, you say YES!

So ya, self-explanatory what happened next.

I talked to my boss man about being able to leave an hour early. He said, “Ya no problem, it’s a Friday go crazy!” He then asked, “Wait, why?”

I was like, “Oh you know, I got invited to a horse race.”


He was super curious by this point and asked, “So who are you going with? and where is it?”

I said, “This girl I met in the city and her guy friends.” He then wanted to clarify that I was aware I was going to a horse race with strangers. I said, “Ya why not? They are going to pick me up. And as far as where it is? I have no clue, somewhere in Jersey?”

This caught the second boss man’s attention for him to chime in and say, “Wait, so you’re telling me you’re getting into a random guys car? and don’t know where exactly you’re going?”

I thought nothing weird about the situation until they decided to bring up how sketchy my plan sounded. Come to think of it, ya pretty sketch. Daily struggles.

11798201_10153385379407638_1692318389_nOn a positive note, the second boss man defended me and said, “Well she’s new to New York so how else is she going to make friends?”

I let them know, “Well if I’m not in the office on Monday at least you know where to start looking.”

So bal bla bla long story short I guess if you’re new to a city and wanting to make friends, getting into random strangers cars and going to horse races in New Jersey is the way to do it. Take note.

So off I went and shocker, I am still fully limbed. 10 brownie points for the guy strangers.

We arrived early so what else does one do to pass the time. YOU DRINK.

A tipsy amount of margs later we made our way to the track. I was thoroughly amused by these guys who weren’t riding the horse but were in a carriage behind them.



For some reason I thought it was hilarious, but keep in mind, my humor level is close to a teenage boy whose balls haven’t dropped quite yet.



Liquid courage played a big role in the next key part to any horse race.

Placing bets.

With our confidence boost we felt like throwing some dolla dolla bills.


One dolla, two dolla

And a whole $2 later we placed our bet.



Ya, we lost.11797999_10153385379397638_1324619187_n

We ate ice cream.

Quite the experience.

Strangers, maybe a little sketchy.

Interesting crowd.

Lots of horses.

Great margs.

And now I am one horse race closer to sophistication.


Cauliflower Ballz so Hard

When you see a recipe the normal thing to do would be to follow it.

Hmmm right, now only if I was a normal housewife in training. I’m more like the train wreck lets pray this girl makes it one day in the kitchen kind of housewife trainee.

So from my first ever fresh direct order, in addition to ordering too much kale, I ordered too too much cauliflower.

Well shit. Now how is someone supposed to consume a couple bundles of cauliflower before they go bad?

You make Cauliflower Balls!11753886_10153377704222638_1591210142_n

I was making my way home from the office and had a recipe ready to go for the grocery store. I get to the grocery store pick up the several things I needed and then for some odd reason, which I still won’t understand I put them back. Oh that’s right, I purchased an impulse plane ticket earlier.

Help me I’m poor.

So I get to my kitchen and I’m staring at this huge bundle of cauliflower. And it was all downhill from there.


I’m not sure if it was the heat induced state I was currently in due to the 95 degree temperature outside and no AC unit or I really just need a miracle. Let’s just blame my absurd decisions on the heat…for now.

I started grating the cauliflower into a bowl. Once I managed to grate the cauliflower and half of my thumb, I then decided to add egg whites as the liquid base.

Next, I looked into my fridge and thought how does one make cauliflower into ball shapes? So I took this container of feta crumbles.11780478_10153377704292638_1031989222_n

The genius inside me thought it would be a good idea to microwave it so it would stick better.

Yaaa…..feta cheese isn’t really meant to melt.

11751131_10153377704302638_1646377419_nSo I took this feta melted glob and mashed it into my cauliflower egg white mixture.

After I took some frustration out with the potato masher, I’m not gonna lie, it looked rough.

So back to the fridge I went and surprise! I still had a ton of kale left.


I diced the kale into little pieces and then mixed it into my cauliflower mixture.

From there, I formed these cauliflower ball shapes. Placed them in the oven and prayed.

11774513_10153377704202638_151425581_n25 minutes later they were a light brown color.

Sooo, for the moment of truth.

I put one in my mouth and wanted to cry



I Katherine Dwyer, managed to create something that wasn’t half that bad.

It was actually pretty good.

And if you’re a ketchup addict I would recommend dipping them in ketchup.

So there you have it!

I am one cauliflower bundle closer to a housewife.


How to NOT put a ring on it!

The daily cat calls of the oh so charming men on the New York streets has been quite the experience. In fact, it’s been that bizarre I thought, might as well create a blog category and write about it.

Ladies, these men are grade A winners pretty much categorized into the men you take home to meet the fam.


The constant struggle of walking the streets alone as a young female, for some reason entitles these “men” to hollering out with whatever is on their mind.

Since moving to NY I have had a solid handful of charmer’s work their “magic.”

The best story so far happened over the weekend.


I was walking home after dinner to quickly change into a “more appropriate” outfit for a night out. Ironic since by appropriate I mean something more skimpy. It’s the ugly truth. Judge away but a free drink is a FREE DRINK. To put it into better terms a free dink in NY is equivalent to two bowls at Chipotle. Still judging?

As I approached my apartment, I noticed a car parked in front of my door with the doors wide open and rap music bumping. Surrounding this car was about 5 guys. I instantly thought to myself oh great. These M** F** better not say anything.

But, ya no they did.

One man child was on his phone and as I got closer I heard him say “Yo hold up a second, I am staring at the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

“Dam girl, bless those freckles!”

Encounters like these have allowed me to gain a good amount of practice acting as if I didn’t hear anything and making zero eye contact.

So far so good until another guy felt the need to hop in front of me declaring he is going to make me his wife.

Yo homie, really? I’m sorry but your bone thug personality and wannabe persona of 2 Chainz isn’t cutting it.

But on the bright side my future of being forever alone might not be so lonely after all. Luckily enough, if times gets desperate I’ll have the opportunity to walk downstairs and pick out my very own thug and maybe a gold grill to go with him.

About 15 min later I was changed and ready to head out of my apartment. As I was leaving I realized they were probably still right outside.

Great. So as I walked out of my apartment half of them were leaning against the car and the other half against the building. It was as if I had my very own runway. How special.

This time through as I walked by, they decided to tone it down and whistle.

What considerate people.

Overall, out of the handful of experiences I have encountered similar to this I think one thing. What the hell do guys think is going to happen? They are going to holler at a girl walking by and miraculously hope she will be like

“WOW! You’re a keeper! Here’s my number and let’s go meet my family this weekend, better yet let’s just get married.”


P.S. My little brother Jack Dwyer if you’re reading this, which you best be, TAKE SOME NOTES!

Watch out ladies he’s quite the catch!

11759412_10152932799456366_1041451626_n1604948_10152448393282638_7210351951745756244_n 10882281_10152783491837638_7896726958103668267_n